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IFTEX System Cool Concentrate

Iftex System Cool Concentrate is a glycol based coolant and heat transferring fluid for I.C.Engines. The heat of the internal combustion is transferred via the diluted fluid to the radiator where the mixture is cooled by means of airflow.

Applications :

  • Recommended in engines blocks manufactured from cast iron, aluminium or combination of the two metals.
  • Also recommended in cooling system made of aluminium or copper alloys.
  • It is particularly recommended for hi-tech engines, where high temperature aluminium protection is important.

Benefits :

  • Synergistic combination of Aliphatic acids provides extended life when compared to conventional coolants.
  • Improved heat transfer leaves more flexibility to engine design.
  • Reduced repairs to thermostat, radiator and water pump.
  • Reduces corrosion of cooling system parts substantially.

Dilution :

To be diluted with water at ratio of 1:2