IFTEX Clean System F 500



Iftex Clean System F-500 is a premium concentrated multifunctional additive for Furnace Oil with outstanding clean-up and keep-clean properties. Designed to keep the entire fuel system free of performance inhibiting deposits. Most convenient to use by adding to the fuel tank in the recommended proportion.


  1. Recommended for all modern boilers / engines using Furnace Oil.
  2. Benefits:

    1. Promotes a clean boiler
    2. Improves combustion of fuel
    3. Improves fuel efficiency
    4. Stabilizes fuel
    5. Inhabits sludge formation
    6. Reduces smoke and harmful emissions
    7. Prolongs fuel pump, injector and burners life.
    8. Protects from rust and corrosion.
    9. Rapidly cleans carbon deposits of injectors/ burners for more efficient burning of fuel
    10. Recommended Dosages:

      1 ml per litre.

      Addition Methods:

      Iftex Clean system F 500 can be added either using metering pump or by batch addition.