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IFTEX Clean System G Extra is a premium concentrated multifunctional petrol fuel additive, with outstanding clean-up and keep-clean properties. Designed to keep the entire fuel system free of performance inhibiting deposits in one tank. Most convenient to use by adding to the fuel tank in the recommended proportion.

Applications :

  • Recommended for all modern petrol engines operating under high driving stress.

Benefits :

  • Remove gum and vanish deposits from injector and carburetor without taking them apart.
  • Keeps intake valve & combustion chamber free of deposit build-up.
  • Eliminates driveability problems such as rough idling, hesitation and poor acceleration and restores lost engine power and performance.
  • Maintains peak engine performance and gives fuel economy.
  • Can be used with both leaded & unleaded petrol.
  • Does not harm catalytic converter.
  • Reduce smoke & harmful emission.
  • Recommended for all petrol cars, jeeps of Indian & imported makes.

Recommended Dosage :

Empty contains of bottle into Fuel Tank. Fill tank with fuel. Treats upto 60 Liters of petrol. Drive normally. Use once every 5,000 km or at every service interval recommended by OEM.

For best results regular use of Iftex Clean System G should be used at rate of 1 ml / liter of petrol afterwards.

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