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IFTEX Crankcase Cleaner is the latest generation automotive product offered by Iftex for today’s demanding automotive engines. It helps to dissolve deposits left in crankcase after oil change, restores compression by aiding in the dissolution of depositions on piston rings and in hydraulic lifters. It also helps in removal of the dissolved contamination in black / used oil.


    • Recommended for use in both petrol as well as diesel driven vehicles to improve oil flow to critical engine components.
    • Recommended for use at the time of service interval, by a professional / trained service technician.

Directions for Use :

      • Warm up engine to operating temperatures. Add IFTEX Crankcase Cleaner to oil at operating temperature before oil and filter change. Run Engine at idle for about 10 minutes. Drain oil and replace Engine Oil & Oil filter with new part as normal. Do not drive vehicle with Crankcase Cleaner in the crankcase.

Note : It is recommended that the above operation should be done by / under guidance of trained mechanic.

Benefits :

          • Helps in cleaning engine and oil pan from sludge and other harmful deposits, before the oil change.
          • Do not affect the engine parts (as done during mechanical cleaning).
          • Helps in keeping the new oil clean for long time.

Pack Size :

        • 350 ml and 100 ml bottle.

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100 ml, 350 ml