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IFTEX Engine Oil Additive is specially developed to solve the problems such as increased engine oil consumption and premature engine wear caused by engine oil viscosity breakdown. This additive maintains the additive level in engine oils, which in turn promotes the oil detergency, dispersancy and wear protection.

Applications :

  • Recommended for all petrol and diesel driven engines, running on highway as well as off-highway conditions.

Directions for Use :

  • Add entire contents of the container to the crankcase after each oil change and as a top up between oil changes (Note : The recommended oil and oil filter change intervals should be strictly adhered to)

Benefits :

    • International quality additive package allows minimum viscosity variation in between the oil change.
    • Excellent property to maintain the detergency and dispersancy of engine oils which reduces the carbon deposit built ups.
    • High quality additives in the product increase the wear protection hence giving longer engine life.

Pack Size :

  • 350 ml and 50ml bottle.

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50 ml, 350 ml