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IFTEX Clean System 23 is a latest generation fuel additive with outstanding clean-up and keep-clean properties. Most convenient to use by additing to the fuel tank in the recommended proportion. Designed to keep the fuel system free of performance inhibiting deposits.

Applications :

  • Recommended for all modern 2 and 3 wheelers operating under high driving stress & using petrol as fuel.
  • Recommended both for city traffic as well as for highway conditions.
  • Recommended for both 2 and 4 stroke petrol engines.

Benefits :

  • Helps to stop knocking and pinging.
  • Eliminates rough idling, hesitation, stalling, hard starting, lean surging and poor throttle response caused by deposits in the fuel system.
  • Restores engine performance and lost engine power.
  • Increases fuel efficiency by keeping the fuel system, including the combustion chamber clean.
  • Performs equally well with leaded and unleaded petrol.
  • Keeps the fuel tank, fuel filter and the supply lines free of deposits.
  • Reduces harmful hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.

Recommended Dosage :

  • 2 ml per litre of Petrol.

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