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IFTEX Radiator Fast Flush is the best solution for excessive rust built up in the radiators (especially when coolant is not functioning properly). When the vehicle faces the reduced cooling efficiency of the radiator due to scale, rust and sludge build up inside the radiator and engine block, use of IFTEX Radiator Fast Flush provides immediate remedy.

Applications :

  • Recommended for all types of radiators irrespective of their material of construction.
  • Can be used for radiators using both Coolant or Water as cooling media.

Directions for Use :

  • Drain all the earlier coolant / water from radiator. Fill up the radiator with water. Pour entire content of IFTEX Radiator Fast Flush container into the radiator. Run the engine for about 10 minutes, open the drain and allow all the contents from radiator to flow away. Flush the with clean water till the outcoming water from radiator is clean. Refill the with coolant / water before engine runs.

Benefits :

  • Effectively removes deposits from entire cooling .
  • Removes rust and scale from internal engine block assembly, radiator core and coolant line.
  • Removes suspended particulate contaminants.
  • Improves coolant circulation and heat transfer.

Pack Size :

  • 350 ml bottle.

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350 ml